What We're Looking For

When submitting a content idea to us, please consider the following principles. These apply across all mediums - whether you are submitting a podcast idea, a concept for a written article, a speech on one of our main stages or a short-form video

1. All content MUST premiere at LIONS

Don’t submit or rehash anything you’ve presented at another industry event or on another digital platform.

2. Serenade the audience, don’t sell to them

The thought leadership and ideas you share - via any medium - are about creating a connection, not a transaction. We’re not looking for any sales pitches, only thought leadership that moves a subject matter forward.

3. Be a storyteller, think of your thought leadership as a narrative

It needs a hard-hitting beginning, a solid middle, an interesting twist and a satisfying ending. We’re not looking for your content to leave our audience full of questions - but also don’t leave them with all the answers.



4. Be transparent, relatable, global

LIONS is a global platform. Our audience is made up of human beings from 150+ countries. Please remember this and tell your story in a way that translates on a global scale.

5. Provoke, challenge, incite. Be a storyteller

Please don’t play it safe – be daring and be provocative. The best content on our platform always challenges assumptions and offers new (and radical) ideas around age-old issues.

6. Make them feel – joy, sadness, anger, excitement

Think of how you want the audience to feel and set out to make them feel it. They will remember you for it.

7. What’s the value?

Please leave our audience with one to three solid takeaways (even if it’s to find out more about something). Make them clear, spell them out. We’re not into content for content's sake. We will only publish a piece of content we truly feel adds meaningful value in our audiences’ pursuit of creative excellence.

8. Involve the audience

Think about ways in which our audience could contribute or interact with your piece of content.

9. Ask the difficult questions

If you’re interviewing, ask the interviewee/s the questions that you know everyone’s dying to ask. See point 5, "Don’t play safe". Find the contention. “Love-ins” do not offer our audience any new insight.



10. Don’t just tell, show

People love to see examples of work. Creatives are visual people. Even if your piece of content is not in a visual format (for example a podcast or article), think of how you share examples to bring your point to life. See point 3 again. Be a storyteller.

11. Be original in your format

Panels often suck as they follow the same, dry format. Presentations can be too passive. 1-2-1 interviews can turn into love-ins. What can you do to be different?

12. Inject some LIONS magic

You know that sparkle? The speech that gives you goosebumps, the article that you end up emailing around your team, the video that truly opened your eyes to new thinking. Please aim to raise the creative bar. You don’t need a rabbit in a hat (who needs gimmicks?) but remember LIONS is the world’s largest gathering of a creative community. Think of your content idea within this context. What would ‘wow’ the creative industry who have incredible content at their fingertips? How does yours stand out a cut above the rest? Offering something new and exciting to the plethora of content available to this industry today. What's your sparkle?

“The work, the discussions, the insights. It's all pretty amazing and provides food for thought and inspiration all year long.”

Content Host Organiser, Mastercard