The Core Values:

LIONS Content

"It's a great platform, and I have opinions"

Nick Law, Apple

When we say creativity, what are we talking about?

“Unusual, original and unique thinking, which can be usefully applied and executed”

Our definition of creativity is wide and expansive. It can be defined as “unusual, original and unique thinking, which can be usefully applied and executed”. The breadth and depth of creativity is changing all of the time: enhanced by new developments in data and technology. However, we have a healthy respect for logic and rationale and its virtuous link to creativity. The value of creativity is evidenced by the numbers. As such our propositions span concept to execution to impact: excellence and effectiveness.

Plurality of Opinion

LIONS is a global platform that welcomes diverse perspectives and opinions. Indeed, it’s proven that creative ideas thrive amongst teams that bring together people with different backgrounds and viewpoints. We explore topics from wide-ranging angles and varied outlooks. Whilst we remain a platform for multiple perspectives, that does not mean we don’t have an opinion on important issues. We remain steadfast in our drive to promote diversity and inclusion. As part of this, we see that it is part of our role to smash important conversations wide open and promote free discourse.

Digestible and applicable insights

Our audience are information hungry, but time poor. They come to LIONS platforms to soak up all the inspiration on offer, and are often tasked with relaying the most incisive, important learnings to teams. We should expose them to the broadest-ranging, cutting-edge ideas in the business, but equally aid them in deducing the most pertinent insights relevant to their own role that will support their future creative projects.

Incisive (sometimes interrogative) analysis

Our audience has a critical eye; they expect us to interrogate the important issues. Our content needs to provoke, challenge and re-think the status quo. It is deeply analytical. We’d rather interrogate one issue deeply than 100 issues generically.

Timely Information

Information that is first-to-market, that premieres for the first time on our stages and that is released speedily across digital platforms.

Original Thinking

Our audience value original thinking in the sense of new ideas and opinions – rather than re-hashed ideas. They want to have their minds blown and eyes opened by the most thought-provoking experts in the world today – with new knowledge and cutting-edge research.

Relevant Knowledge

Searchable and customisable content – clearly tagged, clearly themed, clearly curated across all platforms.

“It's the quintessential speaking engagement for the advertising industry”

Anselmo Ramos GUT Agency