Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Must be at the Heart of Your Idea

At LIONS we know that creativity drives progress - this lives at our core - and we also understand that our business has the power to be a driver of positive change. Our tentpole Festival, Cannes Lions, convenes the world’s most powerful brands, media companies and agencies, meaning we are advantageously placed to play a meaningful role in moving towards a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous future.

As a global company, the individuals that make up LIONS strive to create positive change and are committed to making a lasting impact through our collective actions - including our content offering. We recognise the support that we can provide to the creative community and actively use our platform and our reach to amplify and drive change.

As such, all of our content has diversity, equality and inclusion as part of its core values. We will not move forward with any content submission that does not live up to these values. We encourage you to look a little deeper at your cast of characters before submitting them as contributors to a piece of LIONS content. Just ask yourself before submitting, does my cast of characters represent society at large? If not, please continue to work on your content idea and line-up before submitting. For further information on LIONS Diversity, Equality and Inclusion efforts, please visit lionscreativity.com/diversity-inclusion.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with the LIONS team. I’m so grateful for their time, effort and positive energy. I hope we get more opportunities to work together again in the future. I always appreciate when organisations are putting diversity at the forefront and I felt LIONS did it brilliantly throughout the show.”

LIONS Live October contributor: Audrey Solvar, New Storytellers