Key Delivery Dates

Please make note of the deadlines. Not all may be applicable to your specific format. If you are at all uncertain, please ask a member of the team.

12 August

Upload all headshots and bios of speakers to the content portal

12 August

Uploaded title and syopsis of your film to the content portal

27 August

Provide a 30-60 second trailer for your film

3 September

Deadline for comissioned films (Behind the Scenes, The Expert Guide To... ). Upload your final film to the content portal

6 September

Deadline to register for your pass.

Please input the talents emails under the 'Speakers' tab on the content portal to recieve your pass

The final delivery deadline of your film cannot be extended.

All films will be top and tailed with opening and closing stings and then sent off for closed captioning (subtitles).

We want our content to be as accessible as possible, every film on the LIONS platform must be subtitled