The Content Portal

What is it and why do we use it?

What is it?

The content portal is where we collate speaker and asset information. All film details, useful guides, tips on remote filming, thumbnails and terms and conditions can all be located on the portal. Click your way through each tab and fill in or upload the missing information.

The content portal feeds through to our website, meaning that any film descriptions and speaker information on the portal will be replicated exactly the same, on the external LIONS website. These details will also be used by our marketing teams, so it's really important that the information is correct (For example, the job title and company of a speaker is listed as it should be).

Below is the talent page from Cannes LIONS Live in June to visualise how speakers appear on our platform

Asset uploads

You will be sent a unique link for your session on our content portal. This is where you can complete all film and talent details for your video.

Film title and description If your Content Manager has communicated that we need these from you, you can upload them to the portal

Trailer We ask all our films to provide a 30-60 second trailer. Please upload this via the promotional assets tab of the content portal.

Film upload You can upload the final version of your film to the content portal. Our team will then review the footage and should there need to be any changes, we will communicate this to you. If you have been recorded by the LIONS team, we will edit and upload your film to the content portal directly.

The final delivery deadline of your film cannot be extended. All films will be top and tailed with opening and closing stings and then sent off for closed captioning (subtitles). We want our content to be as accessible as possible, every film on the LIONS platform must be subtitled