Remote Filming

For your LIONS video you will be expected to record a high-quality piece of footage.

Remote Filming

To produce a slick looking piece of content please bear in mind elements such as camera and audio quality, background, lighting, framing and clothing in order to produce footage that looks appealing and professional. Our platform is viewed by a global audience so we want you to look your best.

If filming at home, this may require moving around your ‘usual’ set-up e.g. moving around so you are facing a lightsource, ensuring your backdrop is engaging or if possible, utilising other spaces and equipment that may be available to you.

Our team is on hand to share any remote filming tips that we’ve picked up. This could be to discuss filming locations, filming styles or to simply share best practice films. We will schedule a call with you to run through your plans. Please have a read over our guidelines that include examples to help.

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