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Contribute to LIONS Learning - a global platform designed for anyone looking to gain some of the most desired skills and creative tools.


We believe everyone is creative and creativity is a super-power that sets us apart


We believe that creativity is a muscle. The more it’s used, the stronger it gets


We believe in the power of continuous learning and adding to your toolkit of skills


We embrace learning by doing approach


LIONS Learning is built on the values of authenticity, inclusivity, and creativity

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LIONS Academies

Get involved as a mentor of the Academies at The Cannes Lions Festival. With a mission to unlock the creative potential of the brightest talent, The Academies have been created for those who are curious, aspire to take their career to the next level, become better leaders and look for gaining a fresh perspective on the industry landscape. Every year The Academies welcome around 30 Young Lions (anyone under 30 y/o) to join us at The Cannes Lions School Campus. The programme includes 60 min engaging and interactive sessions led by industry leaders. Share your interest via the submission form if you'd like to get involved as a mentor.

Brand Marketers Academy

We’re looking for the world’s greatest brands and industry leaders to contribute to The Brand Marketers Academy - a certificate programme for brand disruptors who aim to unlock the power of creativity. Every edition welcomes a class of 30 young marketers learning first-hand from the most inspiring and future-looking brand leaders. We’re looking for content: - Exploring the most effective tools to navigate agency-client relationships - Addressing the role of creativity in communications - Providing insights into ground-breaking ideas - Uncovering the most urgent challenges of the next generation of brand marketers Share your interest via the submission form if you'd like to get involved as a mentor.

“The Academy was a game-changer for me; you MUST apply! Students get to meet and be inspired by the best of the best in the global marketing industry.”
Shelby Olivier
Associate Brand Manager, Hasbro

Creative Academy

Share your practical tools, knowledge and experience and contribute to the Creative Academies - a learning experience for creatives looking to grow their capabilities and get inspired by the world’s most thought-provoking voices and award-winning work. We’re looking for content proposals: - Empowering rising creative talent by building personal and professional confidence - Expanding creative skillsets and mindsets - Exploring future-oriented technologies and innovations - tools (like gaming, AI) the next generation of creatives needs to get one step ahead of the game Submit your proposal if you’d like to contribute as a mentor.

“It's the most valuable creative classroom in the world.”
Phoebe Sloane
Copywriter, CHE Proximity

Media Academy

We’re looking for the creative industry’s top thought leaders in the fields of marketing, media and technology. Contribute to the Media Academy - a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity for young media superstars aiming to discover how to build impactful marketing solutions. We’re looking for content proposals: - Sharing practical insights on how to drive client ROI in the ever-changing planning and buying ecosystem - Covering creative use of media, channel strategy, collaborative relationships, the media landscape, leadership, data, and innovation

Share your interest via the submission form if you'd like to get involved as a mentor.

“The Academy is an intensive media masterclass that grants you exposure to the most knowledgeable people in the game. If you're wanting to accelerate your career and propel your understanding 5 years ahead, then this course will do just that in one week.”

Matthew Gerrard
Brand Planner, Twitter

Roger Hatchuel Student Academy

One of the main goals of The Roger Hatchuel Student Academy is to support its students in navigating their future career paths. We are looking for speakers from a wide range of diverse backgrounds:

- World-class creatives sharing their success stories as well as failures

- Top innovators exploring future-looking tools and technologies - Musicians and actors shedding more light on different creative processes - Athletes diving into practical tips and motivational tools - Entrepreneurs uncovering their unpolished journey and addressing some of the top challenges of leadership today Share your expertise in some of the following focus areas: failure and learning by doing; uncovering creative process; Diversity, Equality and Inclusion; new creative tools; team building; leadership; storytelling; sustainability and addressing environmental issues; activism; designing your career journey; presentation skills; entrepreneurship, etc. Submit your proposal via the submission form.

CMO Accelerator

The CMO Accelerator is the Festival’s premier learning programme for senior marketers led by Jim Stengel, CMO whisperer and former Global Marketing Officer of Procter & Gamble. Share your practical learnings and tools to tackle some of the most burning challenges of senior marketers today. Contribute to one of the main themes of the programme: Creative Excellence How can you lead your team and partners to unlock creative possibilities moving your organisation forward? Future Facing Marketing Diving into cutting-edge thinking and creative approaches to help keep you current in the fast-moving marketing ecosystem. Creative YOU! Unlocking your potential in the C-suite with a robust set of tools across emotional, physical and professional aspects of management roles. Submit your proposal via the submission form.

B2B Accelerator

Launching in 2022, the B2B Accelerator is a one-day programme designed to connect marketers and help transform the conversation around B2B. Led by Jim Stengel, CMO whisperer and former Global Marketing Officer of Procter & Gamble, the agenda of this must-attend programme aims to enable marketers to push the envelope, increase the marketing budget, get creative and be more efficient in the B2B ecosystem. Submit your ideas to contribute to the pilot edition of the programme in 2022.


LIONS has partnered with an e-learning platform 42courses to create a suite of practical, accredited learning tools for anyone within the creative community who aims higher and aspires to achieve creative excellence. We're looking for real-world business leaders and brands to empower our creative community with practical skills and means to succeed The 42courses platform is designed as a fun and easy-to-navigate experience packed with practical tips and takeaways. Each course includes stimulating games, useful videos, images, links to external sources and practical examples.

Submit your propsal via the submission form or contact if you're intrested in contributing to 42courses.

“The CMO Accelerator is an executive summary of all the inspiration there is in the world from the last 12 months. It is a jolt to the system, and will certainly give you wings.”

Sam Southey

Vice President Creative Excellence, Coty