LIONS Membership

LIONS Membership doesn’t just provide members with the opportunity to learn and work with the world’s most diverse creative collective. It provides the tools needed to strive ahead and the insights to push ideas further. Here, we’ve rounded up just some of the ways you can get involved.

Titanium Academy

Share your experience in creative leadership by contributing to The Titanium Academy - a fast-track leadership video series exclusively for 1954 members aspiring to be world-class creative leaders. For the first series of the Titanium Academy, we'll be pairing Titanium Jurors and leadership experts from the Berlin School to uncover what makes the best modern creative leaders.

The four-part series will explore building a mindset of creative excellence in your business and developing multi-Lion-winning creative departments.

We’re looking for leadership experts at the CCO level to join us for future episodes of this series. Register your interest via the submission form.

Submit your proposal via the submission form.

The Forecast

Do you know what's next for the retail industry? Do you have a groundbreaking idea to share and inspire anyone who's looking to innovate in the retail ecosystem? Discover how you can contribute to the next edition of The Forecast. For our next quarterly future-looking creative report, we'll be shining light on the retail industry. Share your insights, evidence and expert analysis. Submit your proposal via submission form.

The Coaching Series

The Coaching Series dives into some of the most desired skills anyone within the creative world needs to thrive.

We're looking for industry heroes (industry practitioners, world-class talent, legends of the creative community) as well as left-field thinkers (authors, philosophers, filmmakers, musicians, athletes, etc.) to contribute to the next edition of our know-how video series. Share your firsthand industry expertise or new, unusual, fresh, left-field thinking. Submit your proposal via submission form.

“While the learning, networking and inspiration of the Cannes Lions Festival week is fantastic for the few who manage to get there, LIONS Membership will bring all that to a much more diverse, global and inclusive audience..."

Mark Read