Prioritising passion points

KATHLEEN HALL Chief Brand Officer | Microsoft

Leaps into the unexpected

Why emotion is such a strong creative driver

Creativity is about taking leaps that are unexpected, not mathematically projected. I’m often asked about the role AI will play in developing creative ideas. Of course, it can help in feeding insights. But if all the data about what makes a successful Broadway show was fed into an AI a few years ago, it would never have come up with a rap about American History called Hamilton.

The inclination for people who aren’t on the creative side in our industry is that you have to lead with heavy product sell, and it’s nice to get that extra lovey stuff. But if you lead with emotional connection, you get more purchase intent than if you lead with the rational benefits.

Kathleen Hall, Chief Brand Officer, Microsoft, is responsible for stewardship and activation of the Microsoft Brand, creating world-class advertising and messaging to consumers globally, and delivering strategic, fact-based customer insights that drive Microsoft’s business decisions.

2016 Delqa

This interactive installation allowed music-lovers to go inside a song. Microsoft’s Kinect technology detected their movements and shaped the composition in real time.

Delqa | Listen New York

1 Gold, 2 Silvers

2017 Football Decoded

Xbox found a creative hack to link its brand to FIFA. It translated actual football moves into Xbox moves in real time.

Football Decoded | McCann London

1 Silver, 2 Bronzes

Course IQ | McCann New York

2 Bronzes

2016 Course IQ

A product demo of Microsoft’s cloud and data products targeted America’s C-suite when they were golfing. The site attracted 40,000 visits from the C-suite audience.

2019 Visit Xbox

Reframing Xbox as a travel destination where adventure awaits helped the console appeal to a new generation of gamers.

Visit Xbox | McCann United Kingdom

1 Bronze