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Welcome to this insight-packed wrap-up of Cannes Lions 2022, in partnership with TikTok. After two years LIONS was thrilled to gather the industry together again in Cannes to champion creativity, explore its multifaceted evolution, and set a new benchmark of excellence for the year ahead. Among the abundance of insights and ideas, we’ve delved into the winning work along with all of the Festival’s talks to give you the key takeouts and trends.

We’ve watched over 170 talks, analysed 826 Lion-winning pieces from 44 countries and interviewed more than 70 jury presidents, jurors and winners to get the inside scoop on the work, as well as what’s steering the direction of travel for the creative community. If you weren't able to attend the Festival, or went and want to catch up on the content you missed, we’ve got everything you need to know.

Earlier this year, we identified six critical themes for creativity from our State of Creativity Study - our exclusive research capturing 3300 leaders' perspectives on creativity today. These six themes formed the framework for the Cannes Lions programme. Following the Festival, the Wrap-Up Report revisits these themes: we've highlighted the latest insights, new trends and winning work to help you understand how to reshape your creative work for success in the year ahead.

Throughout all of the work and discussions, the sentiment and importance of community comes through loud and clear. We need to nurture and inspire new talent into the global creative community to develop breakthrough ideas; brands need to seek out and engage the new communities congregating in virtual worlds; and companies must form new collective communities if we are to solve the world’s biggest issues.

This is a sentiment echoed in the foreword by our partner TikTok whose platform allows people to turn their passions into real communities, and whose content creators contribute to the progression of creative styles, ideas and storytelling.

At the 2022 Cannes Lions we saw just how much creativity’s power to advance business, develop people and shape society resonates with audiences, jurors and consumers. This report explores the hottest trends, techniques and conversations around creativity. We hope the insights and learning help fuel your creative thinking for the year ahead.

A Foreword by TikTok

"Communities are the new demographics"

Sofia Hernandez Global Head of Business Marketing | TikTok

In the three years since creatives were last at Cannes Lions, the world transformed. People across the globe exercised their creativity in response to this new reality. Technology became a lifeline to communities we couldn't physically touch - and a window into new ones.

In this democratised environment, new kinds of creators emerged. A former factory worker in Italy spoke to an audience of millions without saying a word. A long boarder coasting along the highway listening to Fleetwood Mac brought us joy in 30 seconds. The creative expression of passions and real moments brought communities together. We discovered a different type of entertainment. Most interestingly, we wanted – we felt compelled – to participate.

As the global TikTok community demonstrates daily, co-creation moves creativity forward. At Cannes Lions, the same pattern emerged as the creative community reunited, eager to be inspired by their peers. The world has changed, so too have the people on the screens and in the crowds at the Festival. Brands and agencies joined conversations about experiences that have shaped society and business. They are turning disruption into opportunity, prioritising purpose and problem-solving.

In an economy where everyone clamours for attention, brands must be where their audiences spend their time; where they have conversations and make connections; where they are exposed to relevant content from diverse communities and creators. Importantly, it is clear that brands are now welcome to participate and co-create. The choice is a simple one: embrace a warm welcome from the creator community excited to share in your story, or be left behind.

The new Lion-winning work demonstrates brands that put people, creators and communities – especially historically excluded ones – at the heart of every step of their creative process deliver more insightful, authentic and successful work. This is work that will influence culture and society for the better.

This co-created report demonstrates how Chief Marketing Officers, business leaders and creative partners can evolve their creativity to meet consumers’ expectations now.