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Welcome to the second edition of The Daily Digest where we bring you the latest from Cannes Lions Live.

Change was high on today's agenda. Piyush Pandey, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Worldwide and Executive Chairman, Ogilvy India, said in his session, Nothing Teaches Us More Than A Daily Dose Of Life: “The power of an idea can help make a difference in society and to the world.”

Three such progressive ideas were awarded Grands Prix.

The first Media Lions Grand Prix winner, Boards of Change, repurposed plywood boards that had covered up broken windows into booths where Chicagoans could register to vote.

Juror Chrissie Hanson, Global Chief Strategy Officer, OMD Worldwide, commented: “It symbolised a historically important moment. It sought to change culture around voting rights and increase the number of registrations and voters in Chicago's Black community. It was beautiful, turning barricades into messages of unity.”

The second Media Grand Prix was awarded to telco Telenor for introducing digital birth registrations in Pakistan. This made visible more than 1.2 million children, entitling them to basic human rights.

And AB InBev's Contract for Change, through FCB Chicago and New York, took a PR Grand Prix for its three-year commitment to US farmers switching to organic methods.

Finding the fun Despite incredible challenges, the creative industry hasn't lost its sense of fun. Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ Can't Touch This for Cheetos – featuring the inimitable MC Hammer – took the Grand Prix for Creative Strategy.

Meanwhile Burger King, via David Madrid reinvented Stevenage FC, a lower ranking UK team, as the world's best... on FIFA 20. That football fantasy took two Grands Prix, in Direct and Social & Influencer. Also taking a Social & Influencer Grand Prix was Reddit's witty five-second Super Bowl hack, Superb Owl.

Another hack, The Bread Exam, through Spinneys and The Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation, took a Grand Prix in PR for using a recipe video to show women how to check their breasts. Congratulations to McCann Paris for that smart idea, and to all today's Lions winners.

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Continuing the theme of change was We First Founder/CEO's Simon Mainwaring. His pragmatic guide to driving growth through prioritising positive impact comes at a time when many businesses are re-examining what they stand for. His five tips provide a framework for brands and are also designed to engage and inspire audiences and employees. Encouraging buy-in for purpose from both internal and external stakeholders has been a common feature for many consistently strong performers at Lions, including Bodyform, Nike and Unilever.
“The world we live in has changed, and it’s getting worse. Fast. Many of these problems, if not all, were created in part by business, so business has an obligation to fix them. Customers want to participate in that change… Be a purpose with a company, not a company with a purpose.”


New York Times bestselling author | Founder/CEO | We First

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Tuesday saw nine Grands Prix winners awarded, including Pakistan's first ever Grand Prix, in the Media Lions.

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Grands Prix in Direct and Social & Influencer

Burger King | Stevenage Challenge

David Madrid | David Miami

Social & Influencer Grand Prix

Reddit | Superb Owl

R/GA San Francisco

PR Grand Prix

Spinneys and The Lebanese Breast Cancer Foundation | The Bread Exam

McCann Paris

PR Grand Prix

AB InBev | Contract For Change

FCB Chicago | FCB New York

Creative Data Grand Prix

Warner Music | Saylists


Media Grand Prix

City of Chicago | Boards of Change

FCB Chicago

Media Grand Prix

Telenor Pakistan | Naming The Invisible By Digital Birth Registration

Telenor Pakistan | Islamabad

Ogilvy Pakistan | Islamabad

Creative Strategy Grand Prix

Cheetos | Can't Touch This

Goodby Silverstein & Partners San Francisco

Media Grand Prix: Telenor: Digital Birth Registration "Tech to drive change for social good"

It leveraged technology to drive innovation and change for social good. One judge said [about both Media Lions Grands Prix]: ‘If I were to tell my daughter why I'm proud of what I do in this industry, this work would represent it.’"

Media Juror | Kyoko Matsushita Global CEO | Essence

BRAZE: #BrazeBreakdown

Customer engagement specialist Braze highlights insights from Cannes Lions Live speakers on how tech, data and creative experiences can power growth. To achieve Share of Life, marketers need to consider five areas, built around the CREED framework, designed to build a mutual value exchange between brands and consumers that respects consumer needs. Sebastian Jespersen, CEO, Vertic and marketing legend Stan Rapp show a clear way to integrate brands into people's lives in their session, The new marketing mandate for business success. (Ongoing) Commitment - establishing an exchange with the consumer, for instance, a subscription or a rewards scheme)

(Non-stop) Reinforcement - strengthening the relationship so it can sustain long term

(Digital) Empowerment - helping people do things that will pay off for them

(Trailblazing) Excitement - competitors will rush in if you don’t keep exciting your customers

(Ongoing) Development - keep up with new platforms that will help you put the customer first

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