Further information

Social Marketing

As part of Cannes Lions Live we would like you to promote your involvement before, during and after the event

One of the easiest ways to create a buzz around your video is sharing that you are participating in Cannes Lions Live via your personal and company social media channels. The Content Operations team will share personalised speaker graphics that you can share across your social platforms to amplify your participation at Cannes Lions Live.

We would like all commissioned films to provide us with a trailer. The deadline for this is 21 May. You could use off cuts from your final video to edit together a humorous clip or create something more finished if you have the time.

For more detailed information, please have a look over the promotional assets tab on the portal.

How do I watch my film?

Talent taking part in the films will be complimented with a digital pass which allows them to watch Cannes Lions Live during the week of the event and the following seven days. We will provide talent with more information on how to access this pass soon.

Individual or Group Passes to non talent

If you would like to invite people to watch your film on Cannes Lions Live, they would need to purchase a pass on the website (if it is an individual or the group size is below 15), or if the group size is more than 15 people then we can offer you a team package. Please get in touch if you wished to discuss a team package.

+ Individuals or group sizes below 15 people - can purchase either a digital pass (week of Cannes Lions Live + the following week) - €249.

+ Alternatively a Membership pass can be purchased for the same price. Membership is an annual pass which includes access to Cannes Lions Live, along with many other benefits throughout the year.

The pass picker to purchase tickets goes live from 17th May.

Post Event

We will send you a short survey to understand your experience and journey from beginning to end that we would really appreciate your feedback

We also collect feedback from viewers and will share with you a tailored feedback report. This will be up to one month post festival as your footage will be on-demand on the LIONS membership platform for 90 days before it moves to on lovethework.com.

Speaker Coaching

Whitespace at Work is the designated training company for the Cannes Lions 2021 presenters. Juliet Funt is the exclusive or private coach for the Cannes Lions 2021 headliners.

Please let us know if you would like to enquire about virtual speaker training.