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"When constraints are put around great creative people, they find a way of smashing them."


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Welcome to this insight-packed wrap-up of Cannes Lions Live 2021, in partnership with Braze. This year, we’re delving into two years of winning work along with all of the Festival’s talks to give you the key takeouts and trends that we think you need to know.

We’ve watched all 205 talks, analysed 982 winning Lions from 53 countries and interviewed hundreds of jury presidents, jurors and winners to get the inside scoop on what’s really cutting through with audiences, as well as what’s steering the direction of travel for the creative community.

Earlier this year, we identified eight critical themes for creativity from our State of Creativity Study - a research study capturing 1500+ leaders' perspectives on creativity today. These eight themes formed the framework for the Cannes Lions Live programme. Following the Festival, our wrap-up revisits these themes; and here we've highlighted the latest insights, new trends, and examples of winning work to help you get up-to-speed for the year ahead.

Throughout all of the work and discussions, one sentiment remains the same: creativity is best applied when it engages customers and super-serves their needs. Nothing can replicate a brilliantly simple consumer insight. Echoed in the foreword, our partner Braze, a specialist in customer engagement, reiterates this important focus on the customer, and reminds us of the need to keep abreast of digital transformation; the priority vehicle for exceptional customer experiences in the future.

So, whether you want to be inspired by the value of creativity in providing incredible solutions to some of the world's most urgent problems, or by creativity as a change- or growth-driver, you’ll find what you need right here, in the official Cannes Lions Live wrap-up.

A Foreword by Braze

Intelligent, (Individual), Creativity

By Matt McRoberts

SVP, Alliances | Braze

Cannes Lions is back, and all of the inspiring, mind bending, and innovative campaigns in contention serve as both a symbol of resilience and a reminder that this year’s festival is taking place in a changed world. COVID-19 opened up consumers around the world to new brands, as people who’d never had groceries delivered or booked a telehealth appointment, were forced to adapt. But while this change in consumer behaviour was a big opportunity, it came with new challenges. As the average consumer grappled with the effects of COVID-19, there was far less patience for advertisements and brand experiences that lacked concrete relevance and value. That shift toward relevance was profound, something we’ve seen echoed in the exceptional, forward-looking creative work that’s been on display at Cannes Lions Live. Storied brands collapsed because they waited too long to embrace digital transformation, while new brands rose to prominence. What separated companies that successfully leapt the abyss and those who hurtled into it? Data. It wasn’t enough to launch an app or start sending messages to reach consumers stuck at home; you needed the data agility to personalise messages as customers experienced them. As a result, the brands that survived and thrived were the ones who planned for digital transformation or transitioned at lightning speed when COVID-19 hit.

Whilst we collectively work towards an end to the pandemic and a return to the regular rhythm of life, it’s clear certain rules for creativity have changed forever. Creativity must speak with greater relevance to people on an individual level, to help drive a more personalised experience. Expertise in data and the technology that support its use must complement the creative skillset of the future. The era of intelligent creativity is upon us and it's an exciting place to play in.

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