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The Forecast on Retail

What you need to know about how creativity is changing how we buy.

Lucy Aitken Head Of Content LIONS Intelligence

Welcome to The Forecast

At LIONS, we are in the unique and privileged position of having a helicopter view of the global creative industry. This gives us unparalleled access to people who can spot trends and offer insights and guidance. This edition of The Forecast is about how creativity is changing how we browse and buy.

Ramping up creativity in commerce

Creativity's role in commerce - and especially eCommerce - has been underplayed. Brands can do much more to lead people through a customer journey and stand out at the final point of purchase. The last two years have introduced new ways of buying, and the world is becoming ever more shoppable. Cannes Lions 2021 saw the emergence of ‘commerce everywhere’ and brands successfully deploying platforms such as Waze, WhatsApp and LinkedIn for commerce.

In this report, you’ll find out from industry experts where retail is going and learn from Lion-winning work that is truly pushing the boundaries and reconfiguring retail.

A Foreword from Amazon Ads

Steve Truxal

Steve Truxal | Director | Physical Stores | Amazon Ads

All the old models from prior to 2020 don’t apply anymore. Advertisers need to meet shoppers wherever they like to shop. Figuring how to reach this audience is the first big challenge. The second is measuring how well advertising is working across these complex purchasing journeys.

What’s more, the rise of digital technology and the growth of online shopping have opened up opportunities for brands to be smarter with insights. Brands can leverage important shopping signals to shape the shopping experience. In-store technologies, particularly mobile apps, allow brands to reach their audience through tailored experiences, helping shoppers discover relevant deals and products or offering in-store sampling while they shop.

Three takeaways

Build communities based on culture

If your audience is segmented by age or demographic, rethink your approach. Even established brands such as Coca-Cola are investing in new audiences at the same time as not alienating loyal customers. For brands investing in social or content commerce - and deliberately leveraging culture - this is paramount.

Recalibrate your retail ecosystem

Omnichannel is no longer nice-to-have; it’s essential. Many brands are rethinking their entire retail strategy to serve customers in a hybrid world. Consider what changes you need to introduce to optimise your retail ecosystem and continue to review and refine it.

Prioritise planet-friendly choices

Due to the twin pressures of environmental concerns and rising inflation costs, many people are looking for economical and sustainable alternatives. Offer planet-friendly options that can also save people money.