We have analysed the most stand-out talks from recent years who have knocked it out of the park with our audience. While the best presentations have been unique in their own way, there are some points of similarity that often unite them.

It starts with the synopsis...


A Single, Clear, Idea
A BIG, universally understandable idea: beauty, purpose, happiness, wonder. Simple and expressed eloquently. The talk can be summarised in one clear message.


Creativity at the Heart and in the Description
The talk description itself is creative at its core. It features brand new, original thinking or a unique perspective on an age-old topic.


A Provocation/Twist
Thought-provoking, challenging of the status quo. Often slightly contrary to wider industry belief.


Answering Key Questions and Offering Real Value

Valuable, practical takeaways. Our audience are looking for valuable content just as much as inspiration. The stuff that changes what you do when you return to the office.

Tips for your synopsis

There is a section on the submission form labeled “Questions this talk aims to answer”. Use this! This helps you hone in on the value you will offer the audience and helps makes your submission stand out.


We live in the experience-economy, so what experience will you create from the stage…

Then comes the format...


Creative Pairings

Co-presented talks between brands and agencies tend to knock it out the park, if they can share the warts-n-all side to their partnership in a dynamic way on stage..


Fewer Speakers Proposed and Speakers who are Highly Respected

Intimate conversations, flying solo or one to one interviews with credible industry creatives/ marketers or (creative) talent. Rarely panels.


New Launches – Brand New Information Released Live in Cannes

Exciting product launches that are of genuine interest and appeal to creative folk (not sales pitches) or brand-new pieces of research released for the first time from the stage.


FOMO Moments

Creating that “were you in the room when…” buzz. Consider the 30-minute spot on stage as an event and create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the audience.

Tips for your format

We would rather you came to us with a big, bold, badass idea we had to tame for the stage, than working up a smaller idea into an inspirational format. However, we are not in the business of format-for-formats sake. Sometimes a simple keynote speech is the most powerful delivery. We are happy to help with any format ideas.


We are looking for nothing short of world-class speakers. Carefully think about who you are putting forward to deliver the talk. Our highest-rated speakers are always:

Finally comes the speakers...


Engaging, Likeable

They are often: funny, jokey, self-deprecating. They don’t hide behind gimmicks and they tell personal stories to highlight a point


Relaxed, not Corporate

Typically, they are not suited and booted. They seem relaxed, even casual, but never dispassionate


Highly Opinionated

It’s one of the reasons that we ask people to come back! These are people who are not afraid to speak out, but not in an offensive or arrogant way


Extremely Honest

Candour goes down extremely well on-stage. All of our speakers, even the big brands, gave away what might be seen as proprietary information

Speaker Tips

1. Speaker numbers

We will not run panels that have more than four people on stage at one time (including the moderator/interviewer). Too many people onstage looks messy and is distracting for the audience.

2. Diversity

Cannes Lions is a truly global event and we welcome a heterogeneous line-up of speakers. That way we get the best mix of stories. If you plan on submitting a panel of speakers, please try and reflect the world at large.

3. Relevance over seniority

Often, our audience want to hear from those in your organisation who have a really interesting story, background or point of view, not necessaily the most senior job title. Sometimes your CEO or Chief Marketing Officer may not be the best person to tell the story.

Final Tip:

This is not a corporate conference, it’s the International Festival of Creativity. You could be presenting to some of the most high-powered, smart and well-informed people on the planet, even if they are casually dressed in shorts and sneakers. You are also competing with the pull of a cool glass of rosé in the warm Mediterranean sunshine! To impress this audience you need to have something powerful to say and an exciting way to say it. Corporate sales presentations simply won’t work. Sessions with style, wit and substance will.