Partnerships that enable our customers to connect with and influence their direct target audience.

Many of the partnership opportunities that we provide to our customers carry the ability to directly meet and influence a key group of their own clients. This goes beyond pure business development, into a space which allows the partner to play an active role in the overall festival experience of these groups. We have achieved this most successfully when collaborating alongside areas of the Cannes Lions festival such as our School and in the content programmes. The customer stories we outline below provide some insight in to the ways in which key customer group engagement has been executed successfully.

Tencent - China Curated

Tencent had also told us that without utilising WeChat (the Tencent-owned biggest social media tool in China), we weren’t going to reach our Chinese delegates effectively. To solve this, we created China Curated, opening up the entire Festival and offering bespoke learning and networking opportunities to all Chinese delegates. We worked with Tencent to develop a mini-programme within WeChat, which housed all of the shortlisted work with case studies translated into Mandarin. The mini-programme also had in-built translation technology, which allowed Chinese delegates to attend mainstage content sessions and see a live translation from English to Mandarin on their devices. Cannes Lions arranged guided tours of the Festival and work in Chinese, created an Inside the Jury Room discussion, built a dedicated Chinese registration desk and hosted a welcome breakfast for Chinese VIPs in Tencent’s lounge.

By partnering with us, Tencent was able to position the platform as the primary social media tool in China. It was able to solidify that position, extending its footprint beyond physical engagement in the VIP Clubhouse and integrating WeChat into the very fabric of the Festival.

Mindshare - Young Lions Week

Mindshare wanted to show that it was invested in young creative talent but needed equally to be aligned with the broader Group M strategy. It wanted to position itself as an industry leader in talent development. Our solution? Young Lions Week. We have around 1,600 Young Lions join us each year at Cannes Lions. Around 600 take part in our Academies and Competitions, so we chose to engage the remaining 1,000 Young Lions. We worked with Mindshare to produce specialised content on a dedicated stage, using its business leaders and internal trailblazers to offer key learnings.

We programmed three dedicated sessions daily for Young Lions at the Cannes Lions School campus and hosted dedicated Young Lions events across the Festival. Young Lions Week was a huge success, with great feedback from the students and exceptional content tailored for a previously untapped group of delegates. Mindshare’s share of voice across the Festival spiked throughout the week and Young Lions Week became a trending topic.

CBSi - CMO Growth Council

CBSi wanted to find an authentic way to engage with the CMO community at the Festival - a notoriously hard to reach group who have busy schedules and are bombarded with requests. We partnered with CBSi to host the CMO Growth meeting at the Festival and create a private cruise for the Growth Council members as a unique and high touch networking experience where CBSi could elegantly engage with the community and add value to their experience. In addition, they also co-sponsor the Brand Marketers Creative Summit which takes place the day after the CMO Growth Council meeting and gives them a holistic presence as the main supporters of our CMO led initiatives. Now entering their 4th year of sponsorship, we built a partnership offering CBSi additional touch points with the CMO Growth Council and worked in partnership with the ANA to host a CMO Growth Council meeting at CES for the first time ever, at the ANA Masters in October and all the way to Cannes 2021.