Welcome to Cannes Lions

At Lions, we believe in creative possibility. We know that Lion winning creative solutions outperform non-winning work. Creativity has the power to create positive change in the world and drive business performance. It's an economic multiplier. The Lions platform spans events, digital intelligence and advisory services. Our flagship Festival, Cannes Lions, sits at the heart of our offering. With a 25% increase in brand attendance year on year, it serves as an abundant, global HQ for the entire branded communications industry who attend the event to learn, network, be inspired and of course - do business. We partner with brands to find creative, bespoke solutions to business problems and leverage our creativity and our unique global platform to deliver exposure, connection and long-lasting return on investment.

This guide provides a glimpse into what's possible. It includes customer stories that showcase the mutual benefits of working together.

Simon Cook

Managing Director, Lions