Return on investment is more important than ever and we understand that a trip to Cannes Lions is a big commitment.Three years ago we launched a programme called ‘Cannes Curated’ as a highly focused bespoke festival experience. Designed for specific customers based on their needs, Cannes Curated ensures our customers get everything out of the festival that they need.

Working with us, we put together an agenda which includes:

  • Expert advice on key themes and trends from the Lion award winning work plus commentary from jurors fresh from judging.
  • Private screenings of shortlisted work
  • Private tours of the festival
  • Pre-event planning to build a highly relevant itinerary based on specific marketing goals
  • A private dedicated networking suite overlooking the Cannes old town + Much more Many of our Cannes Curated partners have been working with us since the programme was launched and include Novartis, Abbott, Shell and American Express.

“On behalf of our group, let me thank you for all the support and the outstanding service you provided during our stay in cannes. It was all really valuable, top quality and timely. The ’cannes curated’ experience was really worth it!”

Natalia Ignatovich Senior Marketing Director, PepsiCo


Cannes Lions may be our headline event, but increasingly our customers need continued learning, created specifically through a Cannes Lions lens, throughout the year. We developed ‘Lions Experience’ as the answer to this need. Many of our biggest partners simply cannot bring their whole workforce to the festival, so Lions Experience provides a way for us to bring Cannes Lions to them.

Using insight and intelligence taken directly from the stages at Cannes Lions, we produce highly focused private events for our partners in their offices, private venues and conference centres around the world. We’ve hosted Lions Experience events in Shanghai, Singapore, London, New York and Tokyo.

The learning achieved from Lions Experience sessions can act as a launchpad for longer term creative excellence within marketing organisations.

One of the very first Lions Experience programmes that we hosted was for Chinese internet giant - Alibaba. Cannes Lions developed a one day unique programme for the 800 marketers working within Alibaba to fully immerse them in the Cannes Lions experience. We also organised a series of events with Google as outlined in the below customer story.

Google - The Google World Tour

Google wanted to showcase that they are facilitators for Creativity. To achieve this, Cannes Lions and Google took the award winning work from the festival on tour to four global cities, and built a mini exhibition of Grand Prix winners and lion winning work which used Google products, in google owned spaces or offices. We visited London, Singapore, Tokyo and New York. In addition to the exhibition, at the London, Tokyo and New York events, executives from Cannes Lions presented Creativity Matters, our signature presentation.

The audience was invited by Google, and included their clients, partners and also staff who are unable to make it to Cannes. Cannes Lions worked with Google to create the installations and the programming of content. Google also added in additional elements in London and New York including a drinks reception and performances from YouTube based music artists.