How we work with our partners to affirm, change or develop the way they are perceived by the industry and clients.

Cannes Lions provides a platform for many of our partners to change the narrative around how they are perceived by the industry. As the creative communications industries continue to change and evolve, quite often we are called upon to help a partner shift how they are viewed by both their customers and the rest of the industry at large. This is most commonly seen in what were once viewed as consultancies such as Accenture Interactive and Deloitte Digital who have gone through huge change, to become centres for experience led business transformation, with Lions on their shelves to prove it. Pinterest is another partner who wanted to change the narrative around how they are viewed by our industry. We have outlined below the these three customers and how they’ve positioned themselves at Cannes Lions.

Deloitte – Cannes Lions School

Deloitte had a brand image problem with a key demographic: next gen creative talent that they were looking to hire to deliver best in class creative for their clients. As part of a long-term plan to organically grow its relationship with this community, Deloitte has become a multi-year sponsor of the Cannes Lions School. The School is inclusive of all disciplines, from creative to brand, to media. This partnership allows Deloitte to naturally align their brand with the next generation of creative talent whilst adding value to the schools learning, development programme.

With the partnership now entering its fourth year, Deloitte has become synonymous with learning at Cannes Lions. It has increasingly expanded its footprint and involvement with the School and in doing so, has been able to connect with young creatives in a meaningful way.

Accenture Interactive – Digital Doggy Bag

Our insight told us that delegates only get to see around half of the content that they’d like to during Festival week. How could we distill all of the learning and takeaways from the content programme and awards, in a way that could also help people report back to their businesses? Accenture Interactive wants to be known for creating data driven experiences. How could we take this challenge and align it with our own problem mentioned above? The solution was to work with Accenture Interactive to tap into their expertise and create the Digital Doggy Bag – a series of reports made available to every Festival attendee for free.

The headline report ‘Week In Review’ arrived in the inboxes of our attendees the day after the Festival. Following this, we distributed six editable topic decks, covering the most urgent lessons and talking points from the Festival. It enabled delegates to take their findings from the Festival back to their company to further learning throughout the year. The product saw strong engagement receiving 6,000 downloads and 35,000 page views. It garnered coverage in 35 separate articles, across 34 pieces of media and was described by AdNews as being “the true debrief from Cannes Lions 2019”.


As they expanded their advertising offering Pinterest wanted to increase their Festival presence, engage the creative community and stand toe to toe with their competitors along the croisette.

Leveraging Cannes Lions expertise and support, they worked closely with us to develop an activation strategy that centered around “The Pinterest Beach”. We were able to use our relationships in the city to secure an iconic, never-done-before, location for the beach.

Since its launch in 2017, the beach has grown to become an experientially led hub that showcases Pinterest as THE platform for creative inspiration. Their ambition with the space combined with a clever, integrated event strategy that leverages our access to key attendee demographics has enabled them to repeatedly accelerate brand growth and deliver unparalleled event ROI compared to other tent pole events.