Let's Get Back to Brand

The Takeaways


There is a growing view among marketers that brands have over-invested in performance marketing to the detriment of long-term brand-building


Pressure to provide short-term evidence of results has seen marketers focus media spend on desktop and mobile ads


Seminal work from Peter Field & Les Binet demonstrate that creativity applied to short-term activities is not its best use


Marketers need to take a more balanced approach – Field advises a 60 per cent focus on long-term brand-building


Combining attribution measurement techniques with market mix modelling over the short and long term is a better way to measure brand health


Brands must engage with the values and behaviours of consumers to carve their own space and gain attention in and amongst their personal brands


The fragmentation of media has removed the barrier to entry for new direct-to-consumer brands too – these brands build their narratives hand-in-hand with people


Established brands must re-think their marketing to consider creativity that cultivates long-lasting brand stories and media opportunities which support these narratives

We’ll explore this theme in even more depth at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in June. Over the coming months, look out for further announcements on the speakers and sessions that will take to the stage.