By Charlotte Williams

VP Content, Cannes Lions

To what extent is the money you spend on direct response marketing really driving revenue and profit versus that which you spend on brand-building activity? And is the dependency on last-click attribution skewing your media spend?

These are puzzlers of monumental proportion and have vexed some of the brightest minds in the industry for a very long time. No doubt they are ongoing talking-points for you in meetings, too. In order to give them the consideration they deserve, we have chosen Let’s Get Back To Brand as one of the eight key themes for Cannes Lions 2020.

We want to kick-start a conversation about the need to re-balance the over investment made in performance and direct-response marketing in favour of more long-term brand-building activities that drive brand health, reduce price sensitivity and grow market share – among other equally important metrics.

This Theme Report, dotted with thought-provoking expert commentary and insights, will set the scene for what are sure to be some of our most engaging and spirited debates of the Festival in June.