“Winning at Cannes Lions puts you among the world’s elite, and I believe shows our best work is still ahead of us."

Patrick Hickey
CEO, Rothco | Accenture Interactive

Winning at Cannes Lions puts you among the creative elite. It means you've created game-changing work, that your work has delivered results and moved the creative needle. Winning means new business and world-wide exposure. Your company will find it easier to recruit and hold on to the best talent. Entering helps raise your company's creative bar to new levels and future-proofs growth.

If this is your first time, let’s begin…

What is Cannes Lions?

Inspired by the Cannes Film Festival, a group of worldwide cinema screen advertising contractors felt that the makers of advertising films should receive similar recognition. In order to promote the cinema medium, they established the International Advertising Film Festival in 1954.

Today we continue to celebrate creativity in cinema advertising but so many other forms too.

The definition of creativity is changing all the time: it is no longer confined to the art of storytelling. To create meaningful connections with consumers in this disrupted and dis-intermediated world, communicators are presented with both immense challenges and mind-blowing opportunities.

Our awards celebrate new ideas shaping the next wave of creativity.

The ROI of Awarded work

Every year we hear from our winners on what the effect winning a Lion has on both their companies and their personal careers.

Not only does it galvanise and encourage the rest of the business to push for greater creative work, it allows you to globally benchmark your creative output.

Winning a Lion attracts talent, partners and proves that your company is pushing creative boundaries and raising the global creative bar.

And it’s not just felt, there’s proof that work which wins awards is more effective.

IPA and the Gunn Report delivered a landmark study that effectively proved that creativity drove much higher business performance. Their data was consistent over 19 years and the evidence was very convincing.

And marketers found the same after analysing their own work...

“We've seen that award-winning creative has a significantly higher ROI - in our case 54% higher ROI than non-winning work.”

Proving the value of creativity has always been a challenge. We interviewed three key figures on how they do it...


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