Know the Lions

''There is a strategy in entering not only in crafting it. You need to really look at the categories, what it means, understand the description and have a strategy of entering your work in the right category.''
Shouvik Prasanna Mukherjee - Executive Creative Director, Golin PR Lions Juror 2019

Before you get started on entering your work, it’s really important to know the Lions. Our juries often feedback that choosing the right category can make the difference between a shortlist or even winning a Lion. Understanding the strongest elements of your work and which Lions and categories celebrate those elements are key to selecting the right categories.

Understanding the Lions

  • There are 28 Lions across the nine Tracks, reflecting the breadth of disciplines across the global branded communications industry.

  • The Tracks group together similar Lions. They have no bearing on the judging or awarding of work.

  • The Lions are what you enter to win. The trophies are awarded at the Lion level. There is a specialist jury for each Lion made up of awarded and leading specialists from around the world.

  • Each Lion is further broken down into categories. You will enter your work into one or more categories within a Lion. Each Lion has its own set of criteria which the jury use to score each entry – see Entry Kit 1 for these. When crafting your entry write-up and case study film, ensure you are addressing each of them.

The Awards Architecture

Here's an example of how the Lions are structure

  • Tracks group together similar Lions

  • Each Lion is comprised of Sections

  • Sections group together similar categories

  • Categories are what you need to focus on when aligning your entry to the options available. Your work will be judged alongside all other entries in the categoy, as well as the Lion as a whole

What's New for 2021?

For 2020/2021 we have a new Lion, new categories and a few updates, including:

  • New Lion: Creative Business Transformation.
  • A refresh to the PR Lions, with a new section on ‘Social Engagement & Influencer Marketing’
  • The Film Craft Lion has two new sections: ‘Production’ and ‘Post-Production’ and a new category ‘Colour Correction/Grading’
  • Expanded the Culture & Context section of categories, including new Market Disruption category and ‘Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility’ category

Find full information about the new Lion and all other changes for 2021 here.

We know the Awards inside out

We know that one of the most important success factors is choosing the right categories and Lions for your creative work.

Our Awards Experts can offer 1:1 workshops/ feedback for you at any stage of the process.

If you’re looking for feedback on the categories most suited to your work, simply get in touch with a link, video, images or description of your work and the team will send you a tailored list of categories and Lions.