The Home of Creativity

Extraordinary things happen when the community comes together for that pinnacle moment at Cannes Lions, but we know that for the creative community, the journey and the pursuit of excellence exists every day. This is why we have created LIONS - the Home of Creativity. Our purpose is to drive progress through creativity and support our community on their creative journeys, day in, day out. Our goal is to provide support for everyone in the business of creativity, wherever you are and whatever the shape of your journey.

Lions Global Creativity Report

Lions winners say that winning a Lion is the beginning rather than the end. It’s a symbol of recognition and a green light, a permission to push work further and raise the bar. The LIONS Global Creativity Report distils all of the data into our yearly ranking; giving a true benchmark of creative excellence.

Festival Representatives

Browse our list of official Festival Representatives to find out more about local support and activities.

Lions Live

LIONS Live offers an exclusive, behind the scenes, deep dive into world-class creativity - all watchable from anywhere.This October’s edition of LIONS Live brought us unrivalled insights into the world’s greatest creativity. Our official wrap-up report distills 20+ hours of thinking from Grand Prix-winners into seven short-read lessons on how to achieve excellence.

The Work

The Work is the world’s greatest intelligence platform of creative excellence. Over the past six years, we have built a series of intuitive tools to quickly search through over 200,000+ campaigns to find precisely the inspiration and insights you are looking for.