We highly recommend having a dedicated team member in your company whose role is to coordinate the entry process. Our Entry Kits contain everything you need to know to enter your work, but to get you started, we’ve summarised some of the key points to consider as you plan your entries:

Is my work eligible?

To ensure that work judged at Cannes Lions is fresh and reflective of what drives the industry forward it is important we structure the festival with eligibility dates. Eligibility dates are dependent on the year and the Lion that is being entered.

The key eligibility dates are:

  • Work for the 2020 eligibility period: aired, implemented or been released to the public for the first time between 1 March 2019 – 31 May 2020. Referred to as ‘2020 work’.

  • Work for the 2021 eligibility period: aired, implemented or been released to the public for the first time between 1 June 2020 – 30 April 2021. Referred to as ‘2021 work’.

Where can I enter my work?

Here are some of the questions we consider before suggesting Lions and categories for you:

  • What does your company specialise in? For example PR, Design, Media, Production, Creative, Tech, Data…

  • What industry is the brand from? We have categories that celebrate creativity within the context of industry sectors.

  • What are the strongest components of your work? We have categories that celebrate story-telling, strategy, craft, experience, use of data, insights and more.

  • What was the objective of your work? Did you set out to relaunch a brand, manage perception, boost sales, increase brand affinity or another goal? We have categories that celebrate creative strategies to meet objectives.

  • What type of media/medium did your work run in? There’s a Lion that celebrates the creative use of your media/medium, from film to e-commerce platforms, podcasts, PR, experiential, out of home and much more.

  • Would you like to submit the craft on its own? We have categories that celebrate cinematography, copywriting, UX design, colour grading and more.

  • Something more specific in the tech field? There’s also a place for work utilising AR, VR, Voice, AI, wearables

Each piece of work can be entered in up to six Lions, regardless of the Track (e.g. Reach, Comms, Craft, etc.), plus Titanium as the only seventh Lion. You are still able to enter multiple times within each Lion depending on the individual Lion Limit.

What do I need to prepare?

The materials that you’ll require vary between Lions and categories. The most comprehensive place to find this information is in our 3-part Entry Kit:

  • Entry Kit 1: All Lions and categories, judging criteria and material/media requirements.

  • Entry Kit 2: A PDF version of our online Awards Dashboard. Every step of the entry process for each Lion, including how to fill out key information about your work and the written submission questions.

  • Entry Kit 3: Our Rules, Terms & Conditions, including full eligibility rules, refund policy, and how to credit contributing companies.

When crafting your entry write-up and any digital materials, check the judging criteria for each Lion to ensure that you are addressing each of them. When entering across multiple Lions, we recommend tailoring your entry for each Lion and jury.

What are the key dates?

  • Entries open: 14 October 2020

  • First late fee applies: After 11 March 2021

  • Second late fee applies: After 25 March 2021

  • Third late fee applies: After 8 April 2021

  • Final deadline: 15 April 2021


Our dedicated Awards Experts are on hand to offer guidance on eligibility dates, which categories you can enter your work into, material requirements or any Lion-specific queries you may have.

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