A few questions we've been asked by first time entrants

Where can I see examples of winning work?

You find over 200,000 pieces of work from 2001 to today on

How do I choose where to enter and find out more about the entry process?

Awards Experts are available all year to talk you through the process and give you further advice about any specific queries, including help with category selection. Contact us here.

What is the 6 Lion Limit?

Each piece of work can be entered in up to six Lions regardless of the Track (e.g. Reach, Comms, etc.), plus Titanium as the only 7th Lion. The 6 Lion Limit relates to the individual pieces of work, so if multiple companies enter the same piece of work, the total number of Lions the work is submitted to must not exceed 6 Lions + Titanium. You are still able to enter multiple times within each Lion (see the Entry Kit for individual Lion limits).

Can I pay first and enter/make changes to my entry after?

All media included in your entry must be the final version at the point that you complete and pay for them. No replacement or additional media can be accepted after an entry has been finalised and received by the Festival without exception.You can, however, make updates and amendments to the Creative Team credits page for up to 2 weeks after the winners are announced.

Can I mark my entry material as private and for judging purposes only?

All entry materials must be able to be used for judging and to be shown publicly and must satisfy the eligibility requirements as set out in Entry Kit Part 3. By submitting an entry you confirm that you own all applicable legal rights for all media included in your entry.

For further clarification please get in touch.

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