Reimagining Tourism

Work that won at Eurobest 2019 found subtle, often beautiful, ways of reframing how we understand tourism, as we all continued to be more conscious of the way that we move around the world. We saw winners innovating to help us travel in new ways and explore new places, virtually.

Mark Murray Jones

Chief Strategy Officer, EMEA, OMD

2019 Media Jury President

2019 Media Jury President and Chief Strategy Officer, EMEA, OMD, Mark Murray Jones reflects on work in this area. “I think last year’s entries, generally, pointed towards a more evolved approach to travel marketing. Brands have started to recognise the importance of carving out their role across the entire consumer journey in recent years, to complement distinctive Audio Visual communications, which remain a crucial part of the mix.” Of course, most of Europe took a break from tourism this year, with devastating effects on the industry and changing values around travel as a result of the pandemic. So, what’s next for creativity? We hear more from Mark Murray Jones, as well as from Chief Content Officer, Engine and 2019 Entertainment Jury President, Dave Roberts.

Insight for the future

Exploring Virtual Worlds

As Mark tells us, “Immersive content experiences through the use of AR and VR technology have become a popular way to bring travel experiences to consumers before they book.” In 2019, Entertainment Gold-winner 'Visit XBox: The Birth of Gaming Tourism' from McCann London went one step further: bringing beautiful virtual experiences to travellers via guided tours of gaming worlds...without the need to then leave home. Dave Roberts also sees technology driving work in this space, “...particularly in the VR/ AR/ XR world, where ever more powerful smartphones and ever more advanced social platform functionality are enabling a whole new world of immersive experiences”.

Return to Localism

The pandemic has given rise to a new era of staycations and travel to domestic destinations. Back in 2019, work encouraging local travel came in the form of Media Grand Prix-winner 'No Need to Fly - Around the World in Germany'. Ogilvy Frankfurt’s work used targeted ads to show travellers a real-time flight price from their current location to an international destination, in comparison to a look-alike location in Germany. An innovative idea designed to promote the cultural value of local travel, which is perhaps even more relevant in 2020.

What Comes Next?

Mark sees brands responding to changes as a result of the pandemic in a few key ways: “Inspiring future travel: Continuing to communicate, using messages focused on space, nature and safety to reassure potential travellers. Capitalising on new booking behaviours: Leaning in to the audience’s growing desire to get away and taking advantage of the shortened booking windows. And holding out: Some travel brands continue to put their paid spend on hold as lockdowns and quarantine lists remain uncertain, focusing on owned media for now.”