Key insights summary

Environmental Accountability

The shift to a primarily digital-first world, accelerated by the pandemic, is transforming supply chains and business models, and redefining industries. Brands can now consider how to bring people valuable experiences, without the need to create environmentally-costly physical products. The circular economy comes to the fore as companies reduce their carbon and plastic footprint.

Gaming: From Product to Platform

The lines between ‘gaming’ and other activities have completely eroded. Successful brands will be the ones who can find their voice in this space, have fun (or roll with the punches) and give something back to gamers that will enhance their experience.

Social Activism & Brand Purpose

Creativity continues to move beyond purpose, sometimes using wit and humour to tackle harmful taboos, resulting in work with the potential to change lives. People expect action from brands, not empty sentiments.

Reimagining Tourism

To reassure potential travellers and inspire future travel, messages are focused on space, nature and safety. Brands are capitalising on new booking behaviours and responding to shortened booking windows. AR and VR technology continue to enable a whole new world of immersive experiences.

Normalising Difference

AX (accessibility experience) will become the new norm. The rise of the ‘Third Platform' – an 'extended reality' which holds potential as a place for socialising and working, virtually, without the limitations of inaccessible physical spaces. Engaging and empowering people with disabilities online and using open source technology will become more important than ever, with growing awareness around their digital needs and the commercial benefits of ‘allclusive’ design.