Creativity is the Business Growth Engine

The Takeaways


Marketers must be obsessed with delivering enterprise-wide growth


Growth increasingly comes from differentiation: of product, service, design, communications and experience


Creativity is a powerful driver of differentiation – attention-grabbing, risk-taking creativity


To be really be effective, consistency and reiteration (fluent devices) are key


As people adopt an ‘end of more’ mentality (where price, speed and convenience matter less), interactions must act as a ‘path-to-people’ and must demonstrate personality beyond product


Creativity requires time in market (longer than six months) to allow for fluent devices to imbed in memory


When creativity is applied in this way, it improves brand loyalty which in turn allows for greater pricing power


Marketers must describe the impact of creativity on long and short-term growth in language used at board-level

…. in doing so marketers can prove that creativity is the business growth engine.

We’ll explore this theme in even more depth at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in June. Over the coming months, look out for further announcements on the speakers and sessions that will take to the stage.