Creative Effectiveness Lions

Entries and Judging

What is the Judging Criteria?

A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 25% idea; 25% strategy; 50% impact and results.

Judging consists of viewing, voting, discussion and awarding of trophies. Judges consider and score each entry on a scale of one to nine based on whether they consider it a shortlist candidate. The jury will then review and finalise this proposed shortlist.

Guided by the Jury President, judges review and debate entries in the shortlist before voting on whether they consider each a Gold, Silver or Bronze winner, or Shortlist only. It takes a two-thirds majority vote to claim a trophy.

After voting, results are read out and juries confirm the decisions. Candidates for Grand Prix, selected from Gold, are also identified and further discussion follows before a last vote to determine the Grand Prix winner. Entries for non-profit organisations and charities aren’t eligible for this award, but may be considered for the Grand Prix for Good if it was not considered in previous festivals.

What do I need to provide with my entry?

To enter Creative Effectiveness Lions you will need to complete an online entry form which can be found on the Cannes Lions website. You will be asked to answer a series of questions relating to your work and provide evidence and data to demonstrate creative effectiveness.

You will also be able to submit optional support materials including graphs and charts, URLs to support your case.

Common Info

  • ENTRY TITLE Title, Brand, Product/Service, Sector and Subsector
  • COMPANIES Details of companies which were involved in the work: advertising agencies, media agencies, PR agencies, production companies, etc.
  • CONTACTS The contact details of someone in your company from the brand that we can contact about the entry.
  • CREATIVE TEAM Details of the people who were involved in the work (e.g. John Smith, Creative Director, BBDO, New York)

Entry Specific Info

Media Placement Information

  • ENTRY HISTORY Please let us know when the work won/was shortlisted for a Lion previously and what it won.
  • BUDGET/SPEND Please give an indication of the total spend in relation to media / agency / production costs.
  • LOCATION/REGION Please tell us in what region or location the work ran.
  • DURATION OF THE WORK Please tell us time period of the work, i.e. 3 months or less, 3 months to 3 years or 3+ years

Target Market Information

  • GENDER Please tell us what gender/s the work was aimed at, e.g women, transgender/non-binary or men.
  • LIFE STAGE Please tell us what life stage the work was aimed at, e.g. children (0-12), teenagers & young adults (13-25), parents & families or seniors (55+).
  • SOCIO ECONOMIC LEVEL Please tell us which socio economic level the work was aimed at, e.g. low, middle or high income.

If you’d like more information or check whether your work is eligible, get in touch.