Creative Business Transformation Lions

Entries and Judging

What is the Judging Criteria?

What do I need to provide with my entry?

Successful business transformation is measured by how well the company interpreted the business challenge, the experience created and the business impact for the brand.

01. Background

  • Situation/ driving factors
  • The challenge the brand/ business was facing
  • Objectives

02. Strategy & Process (30%)

  • Creative interpretation of the business challenge
  • Evidence of creativity in planning the approach – testing, engagement, experimentation etc
  • Innovation and ingenuity in solution design, evidence of breakthrough thinking

03. Experience & Implementation (35%)

  • Creative impact for customers, employees and other stakeholders
  • Evidence that the initiative made a material positive difference to people’s lives/ work
  • Quality of execution of creative vision/ solution in the real-world

04. Business Results & Impact (35%)

  • Business impact – profit, performance and market share growth
  • Delivery of the original objective/ business KPI
  • Brand loyalty/ customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Productivity/ operational efficiencies

05. Confidential information for the Jury

  • Text entered here will be visible to the jury but will not be shown on the winner’s site or at the awards show.

An Information Deck containing an explanation of the transformation is compulsory.

It is highly recommended to submit a two-minute Case Study Film and optional Support Materials.

If you’d like more information or check whether your work is eligible, get in touch.