Creative Business Transformation Lions

Information Deck Compulsory Material Guide

The Creative Business Transformation Lions celebrate the creativity that drives businesses forward. We wanted to give you the best opportunity to communicate the complex and comprehensive detail that is necessary to create ground-breaking business transformation work.

All entrants need to provide an information deck (pdf) as the primary, compulsory material for judging. This gives you the chance to really showcase all aspects of the transformation, while also providing the jury with the details they crave.

To help bring your work to life, here is some useful information about the judging criteria guidelines and guidance on what the jury will be looking for, plus a few hints and tips to consider when creating your entry:

Compulsory material for entry to Creative Business Transformation Lion: 1 x Information deck/PDF (Compulsory)

The suggested length is 10 pages and it should contain key supporting information about your entry in clear, concise English. This could include original objectives and why transformation was needed; how the transformation was planned, designed and implemented; data sources and technology used; and a breakdown of the results and impact for business, brand and customer.

You should use the following criteria as a guideline for what the jury will be looking for:


  • Situation/ driving factors
  • The challenge the brand/ business was facing
  • Objectives

Strategy & Process (30%)

  • Creative interpretation of the business challenge
  • Evidence of creativity in planning the approach – testing, engagement, experimentation etc
  • Innovation and ingenuity in solution design, evidence of breakthrough thinking

Experience & Implemetation (35%)

  • Creative impact for customers, employees and other stakeholders
  • Evidence that the initiative made a material positive difference to people’s lives / work
  • Quality of execution of creative vision / solution in the real-world

Business Results & Impact (35%)

  • Business impact – profit, performance and market share growth
  • Delivery of the original objective/ business KPI
  • Brand loyalty/ customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Productivity/ operational efficiencies

What do I need to provide with my entry?

  • An Information Deck containing an explanation of the strategy is compulsory.
  • You will also be asked to complete a Written Explanation when making your entry on our website. Here, you should provide a summary of your work. You should then expand on these areas in greater detail in the Information Deck.
  • It is highly recommended to submit a two-minute Case Study Film and you may include optional Support Materials. We would recommend using these materials to demonstrate the visual/physical elements and avoid covering the same information as in the Information Deck and Written Explanation.

Need help?

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