Technical Checks

Reason to attend

The purpose of the technical check is for speakers and talk hosts to check their presentation with a technician to ensure it runs correctly. At the end of the technical check, your presentation must be handed over to our team. This is the version of your presentation that the production team will use on the day of your talk. We will not accept updated presentations beyond the technical check so please ensure you are happy with the deck before you leave the room.

Take note of your technical check time and communicate it to your speakers

A member of the Speaker Operations team will provide you with a time slot for the technical check which will take place the day before your talk. It is your responsibility to relay this information on to your speakers.

If you’re unable to attend the technical check please fully delegate this responsibly to your speaker(s) and equip them with the presentation deck to pass on to us.

Please login to the speaker portal and provide us your speaker(s) email address and grant us permission to contact them.

Ten technical guidelines you need to know

  1. You need to complete the technical survey by 7 May.
  2. Upload your draft presentation to the Portal before 21 May.
  3. Final presentations run from our show machines and not personal laptops.
  4. Technical checks last between 30 –60 minutes, with the length depending on the stage you are presenting on.
  5. Technical checks happen the day before your talk.
  6. Arrive with presentation files. Try to avoid downloading onsite.
  7. You must surrender final presentation material during this time.
  8. Video files should be brought as separate files.
  9. If you have special fonts, we need those too.
  10. If you are attending the technical check on the speaker’s behalf, you must ensure you have full knowledge of the presentation and confirm any details needed.

Who can attend the technical checks?

The speakers and session hosts can attend the technical checks, along with any technical support you might have. Please be aware that the tech check rooms are small, so we need to limit the number in attendance to 8.

Groups any larger than this disrupt the technicians and we want the technical checks to be a calm space.

Where does the technical check take place?

Most technical checks take place in a dedicated tech check room *. The room is a blank canvas until the teams set up all their equipment. Your technical check will not take place on stage unless you have a performance-based talk, in which case a stage rehearsal might be required. This will be determined between you, the Speaker Operations team and the Technical Director delivering the show.

* Tech checks on Behind the work stage in Palais II will run on the stage.