Your Presentation & Top Tips

By 21 May, you will need to have uploaded a skeleton of your presentation to the Speaker Portal for the Content team to review. This is to give us some idea of the direction your talk is heading and ensure that your talk is on the right track (e.g. that the number of slides is not excessive, any stats/figures are backed up by reliable sources etc).

The final version does not need to be handed over until the day before your talk, during the technical check.

We want you to deliver the best presentation possible and the Content team are here to help. Our Top Tips guide to presenting on stage outlines what does (and does not) work on stage at Cannes Lions. This is available on the Speaker Portal and can be requested from the Content Manager programming your talk.

Please look over outr Top Tips and/or share with your speakers early on to get them thinking about their presentation techniques and how to make the talk even better.

Some areas to consider when planning your presentation

That your presentation should not contain any defamatory, obscene or inflammatory content or any content that would be likely to bring the Festival or Ascential Events into disrepute

That your presentation is original and has not been presented previously either in full or in substantial part

That you can confirm that you have obtained all necessary permissions, clearances and other approvals required to use any third-party content contained in your presentation