Technical Check

The technical check is an allotted time to hand over your presentation to onsite technicians, ensuring all slides work and to discuss any extra technical requirements you may have.

Your technical check time will be confirmed in the first correspondence with the Speaker Operations team. It is also displayed on the Speaker Portal.

The Technical Check will take place the day before your talk (unless otherwise advised*).

It will last for between 30 minutes and one hour.

All speakers should attend. If a speaker cannot attend, someone can on their behalf. However, this person must be briefed and knowledgeable of the presentation.

The final version of the presentation must be handed over during this time.

If you don’t have a presentation, let the Speaker Operations team know in advance and they can arrange to take a holding slide from you instead.

Once this time slot is confirmed it can be very difficult to move.

You should meet in the Speakers Lounge 10 minutes before the technical check. You will be escorted to the location from here.

If you have a demo, extra props on stage or any complex tech you may require an onstage rehearsal. Please make the Speaker Operations team aware of this.

*Workshop speakers are not required to have a technical check the day before. Instead they will have time before their session to set up the room, move furniture if they wish and connect their laptop to the screen if they have anything to show.

If you are coordinating a talk on behalf of a speaker(s), it is vital that speakers are fully briefed on their technical check time as early as possible. It is your responsibility to make sure speakers arrive on time.