Pass Information

Pass information

  • To secure accommodation, you must have a festival pass
  • Speakers receive a complimentary two-day pass. This provides access around the Palais on the day of your talk and the day before (for the technical check).
  • Talks that take place on a Monday will receive a two-day pass for Monday and Tuesday instead. However, they will still need to attend a technical check on Sunday.
  • Speakers have access to the Awards Show on the days that their pass is valid.
  • Speakers can also attend the Closing Party on the Friday night, the final night of the Festival. If their pass is valid for earlier in the week, they can collect their invite from the Speakers Lounge (speakers only, no guests.)
  • Speakers can upgrade their two-day pass to a “Speaker Complete Pass” for full week access at a highly discounted rate of €1725 +TVA (standard complete price, €3495 +TVA). You can do this via the Pass Manager section of the Cannes Lions website or email the Speaker Operations team for more details.
  • Lions Health speakers receive the same two-day Speaker Pass as above and can also access the other parts of the Cannes Lions Festival over those two days.
  • Without registering in advance, speakers cannot access the Festival. For security reasons, everyone needs a pass and to be registered ahead of the Festival.

Speaker guests

For speaker who want guests to attend their talk, we offer a ‘Speaker Guest’ Pass (€275+TVA). This grants a guest access around the Festival for the full day of the speaker’s talk and the Awards Show taking place that night. The Speaker Guest Pass can only be purchased for the day of the talk and not any further days. However, you can purchase more than one Speaker Guest Pass per talk. Please email the Speaker Operations team who can help further.

Key entourage needed for successful delivery of the talk (e.g. technicians) can gain access to the technical check or the talk. Please contact the Speaker Operations team to discuss further.

Please note, the above are at discretion of the Speaker Operations team. Not everyone is eligible for these passes and they are not guaranteed. If you fit the eligibility requirements for either we will of course make this happen.