Applied Creativity:
When Data, Tech and Ideas Collide

The Takeaways


When applied effectively, data and technology are two elements that should inform and amplify the creative idea but must always remain secondary to the creative idea itself


Data has become a currency for growth. It provides powerful insights which allow companies to take calculated risks


It’s expected that brands will make more use of voice technology as it becomes more widely adopted. The fast-paced development of virtual assistants are driving this, where the focus is delivering information in a seamless and convenient way


As people become warier of how companies use their data, brands must prove that they collect, interpret and use their data for beneficial reasons that will improve their brand experience and have a positive impact on society


Instead of collecting and interpreting your own brand’s data, consider whether you can make use of data that already exists in the public arena


Machine learning, and artificial intelligence can unlock artful intelligence – where understanding the possibilities of data and technology further our human imagination and ideas


Agencies must aim for a balance of dynamic creative capabilities – where human and machine can work in tandem to make faster decisions, leverage new insights and build solutions that give greater value to the customer


In the post-information era, brands must use technology and machine learning to organise data, predict patterns and extract insights that shape the customer experience. However, the interaction with the customer itself must remain resolutely human, seamless and memorable.