Artful Intelligence:

Ideas X Data X Tech Unleashed

As we closely follow the trends in new types and applications of technology and data, Adobe’s Chris Duffy gives us an important reminder about the third, and crucial, element of what is now seen as the new trinity of creative success: imagination.

Plato said the purpose of humanity is to obtain knowledge. Friedrich Nietzsche had a different take and said it is to obtain power. Darwin argued it is to propagate our genes. On the other hand, the nihilists said there is no meaning, and Steven Pickard said the meaning is beyond our cognitive capabilities. Or rather, is the answer none of the above?

A more pressing question for us, perhaps, is what is human creativity – and how is this expressed? The answer, I think, is to innovate and create an improved human experience.

We are living in an unprecedented time of societal transformation, with Ideas X Data X Tech disrupting every industry, society and individual. Content is being consumed through more devices at a faster rate than ever before –and people expect their experiences to be personalised, connected and flawless across every touch point. They won’t tolerate anything less: this truly is what is at the core of business and digital transformation.

With this transformation in mind, there’s a saying (attributed to Albert Einstein) that the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Specifically, in the case of one of the most transformative breakthroughs in AI/ML, the true measure of intelligence is intelligent imagination, a.k.a. Artful Intelligence.

Imagination can now be more informed and more tangibly enlightened through the unlocking of data and technology. This symbiotic relationship between ideas, data and tech will fundamentally change our lives with a mind-bending symphony of emerging AI/ML-powered opportunities.

These opportunities include: Beyond the Glass Design, Next-gen UX, Imaging and Video Apps, Voice, Vision and AR Immersive Experiences, Predictive Creative Assistants, IQ/EQ Front-end Interfaces, Behavioural Neural Networks and Edge AI – to name just a few.

Ideas X Data X Tech are no longer evolving in parallel, but rather are colliding and combusting to supercharge this new world. We have officially entered the Golden Age of Creativity.

By Chris Duffey

Head of Creative AI Strategic

Development & Strategy