Looking to 2030: Making your Business Future-fit

The Takeaways


As the CMO comes under pressure to lead on several fronts: including customer experience, product innovation and revenue generation – agencies must adapt too - to offer a more rounded suite of capabilities that support them


So too, it remains vital for agencies to present new and original ideas to clients that drive their business:  requiring talented, powerful storytellers who can craft insights into engaging narratives


Key advice from top marketers to agencies is: a) Don’t try to do everything: form networks and partnerships to develop new solutions b) Focus on ideas not efficiencies c) Continuously evolve the structure of the team and agency model in line with new formats and techniques


Agencies must focus on upskilling and integration. Experts in new fields need to train those around them to raise the bar of the whole agency


Fearlessness drives freedom of thinking and choice and must remain one of the salient characters of agencies today


Creativity also demands self-confidence – agencies need to demonstrate concrete belief in their ideas to convince clients of their value


Agencies must also work in tandem with clients to set incentive-based structures, as a true partnership requires accountability


Be Glo-cal – the best network agencies know the cultures and behaviours of the local markets extensively, but refresh ideas with tools and talent from around the world

…. in doing so marketers can prove that creativity is the business growth engine.