By Charlotte Williams

VP Content, Cannes Lions

Are we in for a decade of shattered budgets and clients obsessed with tech-driven results, or is the field wide open for more positive, collaborative change?

One of the most ambitious of our eight key themes for Cannes Lions 2020 is Looking to 2030: Making your Business Future-fit. It’s ambitious because 2030 seems such an incomprehensibly long way off. How could we possibly know what’s going to happen a decade down the line?

The thing is – we need to start finding answers and soon, because we’ve never felt more certain that a long-view is essential for everyone who wants to survive in our fast-changing industry.

We’re not deluded enough to think that we can solve all the challenges that our industry, society and the environment face in one week, but we need to start somewhere. And we have an unwavering belief in creativity’s power to make a difference: for business, for change and for good.

The speakers and participants at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity are solutions-orientated problem-solvers – finding answers to the things that baffle others is what we all do best. We need to be pragmatic though: the change we need to future-proof our very existence starts from the inside out.

William Goldman said, “Nobody knows anything.” He was talking about Hollywood, but he could have been talking about advertising. Here’s the only thing we know for sure: ten years from now, it will still be about big ideas. And indie shops are in the perfect position to deliver on it. Because they live idea-to-idea instead of quarter-to-quarter.

Anselmo Ramos

CCO, Founder,

GUT Agency