To be future-fit, companies need to give their employees space to not only be allies but advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion. This will show up in the way they interact with their colleagues and in the disruptive, innovative work they create.

Tiffany R. Warren

SVP & Chief Diversity Officer, Omnicom Group; Founder & President, ADCOLOR

5 Key Industry Changes

Fred Levron, Worldwide Creative Partner, FCB shares five ways he sees the industry changing.

1. Creativity becomes an economic multiplier

We need to look back to stay relevant in the future. At FCB, we want to double down on what makes us unique for brands and businesses, using that unique creativity to build businesses. This is a magic power that no tech platforms or consultancy firms have or will be able to integrate.

2. Time to reinvent the “creative team”

The art director/ copywriter team is a heritage of the print ad era. Ideas, now and in the future, will be far more complex. More creative expertise is and will be needed. The creative model will be participatory. The “creative team” will evolve along with the creative process depending on how the idea and execution needs to be “plus up.” From “this is mine” to “this is ours.”

3. Breaking the heaviness of a global network

Glo-cal. We want to be the best in each local market we are in. And bring to local clients the scale and the access to the talent, tools and knowledge of a global network.

4. A new face for our industry

Different background, different ethnicity, different sex – inclusion is a necessity. Because it’s where the world is heading. Because this is what we need to do to run a relevant business. Today and even more so tomorrow, pop culture is and will be shaped by people and sub-cultures that are not represented in our agencies. We are changing that.

5. Expanding our creative outcome to entertainment and technology assets

Being able to turn brands into music labels. Creating new products and services for them. To simply create things that people will look for. The next 10 years will see our creative playground expand in the most exciting way ever.