Physical Materials

Please make note of the entry requirements for the categories you are submitting into. If the category requires physical materials for the jury to see, please make sure it is sent to arrive within 7 days of completing your entry. Should you wish to send physical elements that aren’t compulsory, but that you would like the juries to see, please follow the above procedure.

Quality Assurance

Once your entry is submitted, it will be processed and reviewed multiple times. This is to make sure all submitted elements work, to ensure the entry meets eligibility and all fields are complete for the jury. Should any issues or questions arise, our dedicated processing team will be in touch.

We make sure your entry is perfect before going through to judging. It’s good for us and you, so please be ready in case we have any queries.

Judging Process

Judging happens live on site during the festival. Each Lion is judged by a jury of awarded and world leading experts in the field. There are multiple rounds of judging; firstly establishing a shortlist, followed by a shortlist review and finally the awarding of metal (Grand Prix, Gold, Silver, Bronze). Throughout each of these stages the juries refer back to the category descriptions and judging criteria and take the time to review every element submitted.

Release of results

Shortlists for each Lion are realised throughout the week; release dates can be found here. Winners will then be announced at the Awards Show. Please note that you will only be contacted prior to the Awards Show in the event of a Gold or Grand Prix win.


If you’re trying to find our address to send your physical materials to, or would like to know when exactly the results per Lion are being released, simply ask: live chat on our website or or +44(0)20 3033 4000