The festival takes place 22-26th June 2020.

To attend please see our passes on

The festival is an opportunity to engage with inspiring content from around the world, to immersive yourself with award winning creativity and to network with industry peers.

Learn from the work, involve your clients and push for creative excellence next year.

Award Shows

Each night during the festival there is an awards show to announce the day’s winners. Please check the festival programme for the Lions winners being announced each evening.

The results will be available online and in print the following day.

Awards Hub

To fully immerse yourself within the work, head to the Awards Hub during the festival. We offer work-related content all week. Sessions include:

  • Tours of the Work with industry legends
  • Inside the Jury Room: insights from the jurors on what they thought of the work, what they were looking for and why they picked the winners. Hear from the people assessing your work with the option to ask questions too.
  • Workshop with our Awards Experts on entry tips, creating an awards strategy etc.

A programme of content will be available prior to the festival.

This will include details of talks, networking events and other opportunities you should not miss.


If you’re trying to find our address to send your physical materials to, or would like to know when exactly the results per Lion are being released, simply ask: live chat on our website or or +44(0)20 3033 4000