Now that you know what you’re entering, where and how, the next step is to create the media and collect the information / data needed for the jury.

Please note that the entry fees increase the later you enter so the sooner you start, the better.


▢ Download entry kit and familiarise yourself with Lions and categories
▢ Speak with senior creatives in your company to decide what you’ll enter and begin production of entry media
▢ Get in touch with an Awards Expert
▢ Create a schedule to enter before the fees increase
▢ Watch the previous year’s winners to get a sense of how best to present your work

▢ Confirm this work is eligible
▢ Receive client permission to enter this work
▢ Contact the relevant team(s) for media placement and written submission details
▢ Collate the full list of companies who worked on this, for crediting in the form
▢ Check with contributing companies if they are also entering this piece of work? If so which Lions & categories?
▢ Provide a contact for last minute jury questions during judging.
▢ Provide a client contact (we will consult with entrant before ever contacting them)

▢ Collect media placement information
▢ If submitting a URL, is it live?
▢ Will you be sending physical supporting material?
▢ If yes, is the material ready for shipping?
▢ If required, has it been printed?

▢ Do you have a complete written submission? (all questions can be found in Entry Kit 2)
▢ Have you tailored your written submission for each Lion i.e. jury to highlight the relevant aspects of your entry?
▢ Have you considered the judging criteria for the Lion you’re submitting into and ensured these are covered in your entry?
▢ Do you have a list of the creative team who worked on this piece? (Creative team can be edited until 2 weeks after the festival)
▢ Do you have the legal rights to all footage, music and people included within your entry media?

▢ Does your media meet the technical specifications?
▢ Is your case film 120 seconds or less?
▢ Is this the final version of your entry media?
▢ Have you done a spell check?
▢ Has the media been approved by the client?
▢ Has all agency branding been removed? (unnecessary if entry is self-promotion)

▢ Checked Cannes Lions website to see if you’ve made the shortlist or won a Lion? (22-26 June)
▢ Checked the website for the Global Creativity Report (our benchmark of top ranked companies and individuals)


When is the entry deadline?

Entries open on the 16 January 2020

The first late fee applies after the 12 March 2020

Second late fee applies after the 26 March 2020

Third late fee applies after the 9 April 2020

Entries close on 16 April 2020

All information for Dates & Fees can be found here

I'm worried I won't be ready to submit my work before the deadline. Can I ask for more time?

Contact our Awards experts to discuss how we can help you with your entry process.

Can I pay first and upload material later?

All media included in your entry must be the final version at the point that you complete and pay for them. No replacement or additional media can be accepted after an entry has been finalised and received by the Festival without exception.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Credit Card and Bank Transfer Payments.

If you wish to change your payment method after you have submitted your entries, please get in touch with our Awards Experts for more information.

Is the price for one entry or all entries?

The entry fee is charged per individual entry.

You can check the fees here

How can I add or edit my Creative Team Credits?

The Creative Team Credits page in your Awards Dashboard will remain open for you to add or amend names until 3 July 2020. Simply log into your account and click into the Creative Team Credits page for each entry to make changes.

When do I found out if I’ve won?

Shortlisted work will be announced on Cannes Lions and appear in Lions Daily, a daily printed publication which is available at the Festival. Winners are announced at the relevant Festival award shows and will appear online and in Lions Daily the next day.


Live chat

Fear not, we are available on live chat on our website or within the entry form itself to help you along the way.